A “Cup” in the right direction: Focusing on Women’s Health

A “Cup” in the right direction: Focusing on Women’s Health

A “Cup” in the right direction: Focusing on Women’s Health

Menstruation as a topic which is always spoken in whispers. It is a normal and natural body process which is put under the cloud of myths and taboos.

Today’s women lives a hectic and multitasking life.She is working, managing home, family and kids. Every minute is scheduled and delegated with activities.These activities are varied in nature involving physical, social and emotional elements.

At such times a disposable sanitary pad comes as a boon during her menses. But the fact of what happens to a used pad always bugged me. Where does it go ?? 

Mainly after use, these pads go to the closest bin, landfill or water body, there they lie unattended , harming the planet for years. If you look at the bigger picture, India with its population of 1.7 billion people, has 338 million females in the menstruating age group. The Menstrual health society states that currently 8 billion pads are generated as Menstrual waste daily. 

It is said that more than 50 % females currently use disposable pads, the percentage, of which,  is increasing due to media publicity and cheap availability. Also the convenience a disposable pad brings to a female, makes it surely a winner among reusable options of menstrual products. 

But like anything in life, convenient ways need not always be correct way. 

Hence, the choice of picking a disposable pad ,though convenient, must be viewed as shortsighted. One must look at the larger harm it causes to female health and pollution (air , water and soil). Currently available disposable pads are thinner and whiter due to the chemicals and plastics used. 

As a citizen of the planet, each female needs to make a conscious choice and shift towards sustainable Menstrual practice.One such sustainable product is “Menstrual cup”. 

Menstrual cup is the perfect solution for a female to have a “happy” and a “pollution-free” period. For me, happy period is with the Menstrual cup. PERIOD! 

Mentrual cup description and uses instead of a sanitary pad
where does it go? disposable sanitary pads contain plastics & chemicals that harm your health & pollute the environment

The cup is made of medical grade silicon. It is conveniently inserted in the vagina during menses to collect the blood. Based on an individuals Menstrual flow, the cup needs to be emptied and reinserted at regular intervals. The time interval could range from 3 hrs to 12 hours.

The cup offers freedom from rashes and the nagging constant feeling of wetness.
The cup has a life of 7-10 years which makes it the most economical Menstrual product. The comfort offered helps one participate in swimming, running and dancing. A good night’s sleep, along with no need to remove the cup while using the restroom for either peeing or passing stools is a boon. 

Yes, it does have a small learning curve , but a strong desire to master it and one can easily achieve it within first 2-3 cycles. The best part of this learning curve is that there is a huge female support group available on social media to help one in their journey towards a “Leak-free, “Rash-free” and “Cash-free” period with the cup. 

Using the cup has changed my life in so many ways; Not only do I not have to plan my vacation based on my period dates, I also know the amount of blood loss during each period. 

Now I look at every opportunity to reach out to my female circle to spread the word. Awareness towards the use of menstrual products is as essential as knowing more about menstrual health and hygiene. 

Not an exaggeration but the truth is that I look forward to my menses now.